Calvin Chan

Head Promoter of Gameboi LA

I became a brand ambassador for APAIT's Status is Sexy campaign because I believe in their vision and values to advocate and educate underserved communities. The services they provide for communities of color in Southern California are vital to ending this battle.



Yasmin Lee


I really want to be part of a movement that spreads awareness. The transgender community – my community – is in high risk, which is a problem to me. As an adult entertainer I can be influential and have the responsibility to share the truth. Take it from a girl who knows sex. You only have one body, so take care of it. Know your status so you can be on the winning side of the battle.

I empathize with how scary it is to sit and wait for the result. I empathize on the financial burden that we face as a community. I want people to know I’m on their side and that I care, and that there are many people who care. There are resources out there when you need help.

Jake Choi


I agreed to become a brand ambassador for the Status is Sexy campaign because I feel it is very important to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS. I feel that as an ally of the LGBTQ community, it would have been hypocritical to not be one. I can talk the talk all I want, but does not mean anything if I don't walk the walk!